‘BPP’ refers to Big Pigeon Publicity

‘Your’ refers to the client.


It is the client’s responsibility to provide BPP with the appropriate assets before BPP can service their music, unless the client has paid for BPP to create these assets on their behalf.

Like all publicists, BPP cannot guarantee that any radio station will play your songs. BPP does guarantee that your music will be serviced appropriately and this does greatly increase your chances of being added to rotation.

BPP agrees to provide clients with Triple J and FBi feedback from music supervisors on the client’s music if the music supervisor provides us with feedback.

BPP reserve the right to reschedule your service without notice to the client without penalty or risk of prosecution to BPP. The event of this is unlikely of course, however if there is an unforeseen accident or illness to BPP staff then it is important we are protected.



Once a client has booked a service. No refunds may be issued for any reason due to processing and service costs being charged to Big Pigeon upon payment. This money may be used in credit of another service though only if BPP has not already begun pressing physical copies of your music for service.

Clients may reschedule their service date if BPP has not already serviced. 2 business days’ notice is required to be provided to Big Pigeon if an artist is choosing to reschedule.